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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Broken for a Purpose

This past summer, my wife and I drove to a remote ghost town in Idaho called Silver City. The town’s newest building was over a hundred years old and it showed. We went to this city to go horseback riding in the mountains where history was literally scattered along the trails. As we rode through the rugged terrain we could see old mineshafts, mining carts, and the field where the miners of Silver City played baseball with those of another city that has since burned down.

I was riding “Hollywood” an old, slow horse that had to stop and rest every fifteen minutes or so. On the other hand, my wife’s horse was groomed to be a leader and every time I rode up beside her our horses would quickly work out the pecking order and I would soon be following from close behind. Still, I was amazed by how well these horses handled the trails while carrying us humans on their back.

I can think of no animal God has used more to demonstrate his will for my life then these great creatures. It is powerful to think of how one of these wild beasts can be broken and molded into a strong and useful servant. How Hollywood would quietly and confidently go wherever I asked him to go. Sometimes I think we hesitate to view our relationship with God in the same manor a horse comes to view its trainer. We would prefer to have no one telling us what to do and where to go. Still, I have become convinced that if we understood what God is trying to accomplish in our life, we would resist Him less then we usually do. But then I wonder how a horse views the breaking process when it is not told why it is being broken. It only finds its purpose and praise when it learns to be obedient to its master. I can’t help but wonder if this is what God has been trying to get through to us. If so, how great will the result be if the people of God let go of all their selfish ambitions and truly offer up their lives to the Lord? I don’t know if secular society would be prepared to handle such a powerful display.

There is not doubt that all of these thoughts start with me. I have an obstinate heart much of the time. I don’t listen or talk to God as much as I ought to and I sometimes think I can earn His approval by my good works. Rather then submit to His guidance, I try to spearhead my own redemption and do things on my own. Even as I sit here and ponder these thoughts, I feel a compelling to drop to my knees. May God have His way in me and in us all. Amen.

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